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More hip-hop than country…today

Last night we had the BIGGEST thunderstorm I have ever experienced in my 23 years. And I have been in storms in the country. They can be comforting. Hearing the rain on the window panes, watching the flickering of lightning emphasized by the boom of thunder is usually a pretty good experience.
Until it starts hailing. Then the wind picks up and you can watch the plexi-glass window on the door flex in and out. Then it’s downright scary. The pounding thunder becomes the beat of your heart in your ears. And really all you can think are two things ‘if this house blows away, we all blow away,’ and ‘I forgot how storms go when you are out in the boonies.’
Then you wonder what that dripping sound is. The water is leaking from the old enclosed front-porch window, which really for us is glorified storage space. Thankfully, we only have a mattress and box spring out there and few other chairs. Unthankfully, we discovered they are wet. 
Fine, I can deal with this right? How bad can it be? Besides the fact I am terrified there’s an F5 tornado coming our way and we can’t find a radio station with a decent weather reports. Oh, and the DirectTV doesn’t work. The hubby is speechless.
“What’s wrong?”
“So every time there’s a storm cable doesn’t work?”
“Um…yeah,” I am secretly enjoying this moment because I know he’s on the brink of a big discovery. He’s slouched in the corner of the couch thinking it all through.
“I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked.” (I am enjoying this even more because he did say hoodwinked)
“No one told me that it wouldn’t work when it storms.”
“It makes sense though it’s a satellite, the storm is interference. Besides there’s no football on.”
“I know, but my phone still gets service.”
“Yeah that’s because the phone signal is ran off a tower…that’s on the ground…not the same thing.”
It makes me smile just writing about it, but I wish this was the end of our storm story. Fast forward to five the next morning. We discover after a call from my mother that we, like she, have a great deal of water in the basement and the roads are flooded.  Oh, and we have two huge trees that have been knocked down. On the upside I am stranded at home with Darren and I discovered a field of mushrooms sprouted in our yard over night. 
Now how country is that? 


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