True Stories of Motherhood and Wifedoom

The truth and comedy of being a wife and mother

Organization is not everything…it just helps

The four reasons why organization is key (in no necessary order):
1)      Organizing everything wears you out, which hopefully knocks you out (per no interruptions) for the night.
2)      It relieves stress.
3)      It grants a woman with the satisfaction that she has control of this minute moment in time and space. Tomorrow she will do it all again.
4)      When anyone (child, husband, mother, etc.) asks where something is, she doesn’t have to go and find it, she can tell them where it is. One of the greatest multi-tasking tools ever!
The one reason why women give up on organization:
1)      We are gluttons for punishment and drinkers of guilt. We think everything deserves 100% of our attention when in reality most things deserve less than 50%. We are nurtured to be perfectionists, while inside we are chaos and consider ourselves failures because our home décor consist of strewn clothes, toys to trip over and unwashed dishes. 
The one remedy for this is: Remember a child’s memories are not made up of perfectly matched outfits and immaculate appearances. They are made up dancing in the rain, splashing in mud puddles, and being tickled until you pee you pants. That a husbands needs are met when you have a moment for a hug or a kiss, the time to listen to his bad day, and the strength to help him build is dreams.  
A woman can be satisfied on the love of her family and the knowledge of herself worth. Add the grace of God in and she is set for life. We may not be perfect and lack in major organization skills, but we make up for it in our genuine efforts to make the best of every situation.
So, on those days when organization refuses to be nice and has become your life time nemesis, stop worrying about it and create a lasting memory with you family.

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This entry was posted on October 8, 2010 by in advice, God, multi tasking, Organization, remedy for guilt.
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