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There’s just somethings mom’s can’t teach

My son is horribly pissed at me. He’s on his belly on the floor and a tempting toy is about three inches from his out-stretched hand. He’s supposed to be learning how to roll over. At five months he has showed no interest in this activity.
I am devastated. Everyone tells me “it usually takes boys longer to get this skill than girls.”
BS. If I haven’t stated it before, my son is a baby genius in the making. Not only did he take to breast feeding like a pro, he gained weight within days of his birth, and oh yeah, he held is head up by himself twenty-hour hours after he was born. By six weeks his leg muscles were so strong I was proudly proclaiming he was going to walk before he would crawl. I didn’t know how true that really was.
Now he is on the floor in the middle of his lesson. At first it was all fun and games. Screeching he would kick and then look up at me smiling. The novelty of it wore off when Elmo was placed right out of reach. That was too cool of a toy not to have. The screeching turned hollering and tears.
Now, the common advice I have gotten from everyone is to let him scream himself into rolling over. Once he rolls over, crawling will be easy. Fat chance. 360 degrees later his ‘mom give me that toy’ cry turned into ‘mom I am tired’ cry in seven minutes and I am calling this session a partial success.
All the while I am blogging feeling like a horrible mother. Not only am I ignoring the pleading cries of my infant son, but I am using him to generate followers on my Twitter page.
Two seconds later he’s cuddling in my arms falling asleep. There are just some things you can’t teach.

One comment on “There’s just somethings mom’s can’t teach

  1. Kimberly
    October 9, 2010

    I know it is so hard to not worry about their milestones when they don't come like the books say they should. Have you tried to get his focus on a toy and then move the toy over his head and kind of behind him…kind of like trying to illicit him to rotate his head in the direction of the toy and hopefully his body willFollow along . It's hard to explain so sorry if this made no sense! It will come!! And when it does, look out momma!Ps. Coming from bloggy moms!

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