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Why I Won’t Vote This Year

I bet the title has you on edge already.
But, yes, I am not voting this year. My choice.
Say what you will, I have my reasons.
Reason one: I am a working mother with limited time. I don’t (like I imagine most working mothers) have time to research sixty different government offices, local and national, all of which have two or three candidates each.
Knowing this, a few weeks ago I thought I would start listening to the radio to try to catch some of the campaign ads. Big Mistake. All I can remember is the metalic taste I got in my mouth because of the all the bashing that was going on. The sad thing is that I know there were a few ads that talked about a candidate’s platform, but they drowned in the blood bath.
I could take all these bashing ads and try to make an informed decision, but that doesn’t seem logical. But it makes me wonder how many ‘informed voters’ do just this. And we wonder why we can’t stand the people who run our government.
Reason Two: I don’t align myself with any political party. I am a political mutt. So sue me. But please tell my when you’ve voted for a candidate that represented you values to the very T. I have never found that, knowing this, I started thinking about what I really wanted from my government.
I want them to solve our nation’s problems regardless of party lines. The more I think about it the more I’ve realized that politics is all about the power struggle (duh) and not about the solving the nation’s problems (double duh).  

Then I realized what I wanted would probably never happen. Never.
So why talk politics on a mommy blog? Because I am a mom, and every decision I make affects my family. So while their still trying to decide who should have more power in the Senate or the House of Representatives, I am going keep trying to raise my ethnic minded, but down to earth family. Again Political Correctness not necessary.
That’s why I am not voting.
(Let me know how you feel by leaving comment below.)

One comment on “Why I Won’t Vote This Year

  1. Marci
    November 3, 2010

    Hello 🙂 I am following you from the midweek mingle! I totally agree with everything you have said. I did not vote either. I just feel like it really does no good. I don't know all of the details on each candidate, on and on. I have many reasons why I didn't either! Thank you for sharing this! Looking forward to reading more, have a great night. -Marci

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