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Faded Glory

This is a story about underwear so if you would rather not read I will understand, but for the rest of you hold on tight.
I will let it be known that the hubby is an underwear man. This means he has a comment or a nick name for almost every pair of underwear I own. This is fine and can even come in handy during a certain time of the month. But now a new panty name has been born: Faded Glory.
Now this is not going to be sexy tale, but one that leans more toward embarrassing to the hubby than to me (for once); but he is pretty much unflappable so he just laughed it off.
Earlier this week I had a late work meeting up in the Twin Cities and according to the weather officials (yes, I sarcastically call them officials) there was a decent winter storm headed our way. It is becoming normal that a storm comes about every week and a half in these parts, but even more uncommon is that the weather officials have been spot on in predicting all of them. But that is neither here nor there.
This particular storm started out with rain proceeded with sleet and added a dusting of light snow to top it all off. By the time I arrived back to town at eight-thirty, there was layer of ice that had accumulated on my car. This combined with the reports that the roads were nasty once out of town, I took a moment to do the math.
9:00 p.m.: still had to drive forty-five minutes to get home. Because of the icy roads ETA: ten-thirty.
10:30 p.m. once home I would need at least an hour and a half to get my life organized for the next day. 
Estimated bedtime: midnight. At this time I would set my alarm for four in the morning so I could turn around and drive the icy roads again to get to work at six.
That math didn’t add right; veto to driving home and the vote went to staying in town with a friend. 
That meant I needed to find some toiletries and underwear.
Having only four dollars to my name I ventured into the dreaded Wal Mart, where the cheapest pack of underwear was a three dollar pack of Faded Glory underwear. Mission complete.
Fast forward to the next day after work, I stop by the hubby’s job to switch vehicles. I grabbed my purse and my bag of Faded Glory underwear.
Or so I thought. 
This was the conversation that took place when my hubby came home.
“Really babe? Faded Glory?” the hubby asked.
“What do you mean?” I ask as clueless as ever.
“Well, I had Ryan go and warm up my car.”
“Ok?” I am seriously wondering where this is going.
“And he came back in and asked me why there was underwear in the driver’s seat.”
“Oh Jeez.” I did have the decency to blush slightly.  
“Thanks babe.” He is laughing now too. So I knew he wasn’t that mad.
But on the record I am not a Faded Glory type of girl. Really. I am more of the colorful type. The Faded Glories  are now part of the Friend of the Month section of my underwear drawer.

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  1. Too funny!I just found your blog through the Weekend Blog Hop! Have a great weekend.Amanda @

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