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For the Love of Daddy

I love weekends. Our weeks are so hectic and with the hubby working nights, it seems quality time has been cut down to nil. For Darren daddy time on weekends is a hot commodity. This was proven last weekend when after a night way from both mommy and daddy.

We showed up at Grandma’s for some football good food and the minute this boy saw the hubby he said:


The hubby being the loving father he is swooped him up and said “Hey, Man! Did you have fun with Grandma and Papa?” Cute right? Melts my heart.

I am pretty use to Darren’s 100% focus on the hubby. I’ve settled with it. What I am not settled with is what happens next. The ‘daddy’ fest had ended (or so I thought) so I say “Hi Buba!”

Darren proceeds to run screaming from me into the living room and refuses to give is good old mama a hug.

Heartbroken….severely. Fast forward to last night.

We sat down for our first family dinner in about a week and a half; simple: chicken, rice and broccoli and cheese.

I have been struggling to get Darren to eat vegetables for weeks. I serve it first and call it an accomplishment if I get him to eat on piece.

Last night was no different. Well, except for the fact the hubby was able to view Darren go all “on guard” on mommy with his fork when he saw her swooping in to slip some broccoli unsuspecting into his mouth. (Yes, the hubby was laughing).

But so far it was a typical meal.

Until Daddy offered Darren some broccoli…AND HE ATE IT WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE! No, not just ate it, he kept gobbling it down. Some fell out of his mouth and he picked up and put it back in!

Yes, I was indignant.

After ten minutes of this the hubby asked me to stop “flashing” my eyes at him.

In which I responded: “Yeah, I AM jealous. He NEVER eats vegetables near this well.”

It didn’t help that the hubby kept smiling smuggling and trying not to laugh at my apparent frustration.

Yep, that’s why I love weekends…rejection and failure…yep…pure family fun that can be heartbreaking and completely frustrating…making it all the more one of those warm fuzzy moments I will never forget.

I hope you have enjoyed my return to Mommydom….there is so much more to tell!


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