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5 Unconventional Reasons I am Glad I Had a Baby

Ok, there are tons of great reasons to have a baby. I mean really GREAT reasons. Like cuddly baby hugs, producing an heir for the millions I will never make and having someone you can call Mini Me come to mind.

But now that my little man is will be turning two in a month, I have been reflecting on the positives of having a baby. Now, I already mentioned the conventional ways to benefit from our precious bundles, but I realized my list was filled with several eccentric ways D-man has enriched my life.

So I give you: 5 Unconventional Reasons I am Glad I had a Baby

Reason #1 I Now Have Fabulous Hair.

Ok that is a long stretch. But when I found out I was pregnant with Darren I decided I didn’t want to chemically straighten my hair any more.

Yep, I decide to do nine months of all natural afro. I didn’t mind it at all. After he was born I had it straightened it again. And realized it was a waste of my time. I mean living out in the country is not really compatible with weekly or even monthly visits to a salon in the cities. Plus, I was so busy that I usually stretched my straightener for six months.

So I bought a better Hot ‘N Silky ceramic hair straightener and I have been happily nappy rooted since.

Reason #2 I Now Have a Great Excuse for Being a Homebody.

I love going out and letting my hair down as much as a next girl. But my natural preference leans towards close girlfriends for lunch, having friends over for an afternoon barbecue, or spending the night at home watching a movie with the hubby or reading a good romance book.

Now, I fall asleep during the movie and the romance book is usually a children’s book that makes various noises. It’s not really reading because Darren is more interested in flipping the pages back and forth than the words on the page.

But strangely enough, it’s what I’d rather be doing in the place I love doing it at; and that is home.

Reason #3 Scheduled Date Night

Yep, I said it. I love having to work at keeping the romance glowing between the hubby and me. It keeps me on my toes.

Date night is my reward for all my hard work.

But it is also helps me feel less guilty for the ‘ships passing in the night’ moments we frequently have, and look forward to the mini trips we take away from home. I mean I’ve been promised a trip to Chicago and I’ve eaten at a four star restaurant that had steak that melted in my mouth and potatoes to die for.

Sigh, the simple pleasures.

Reason #4 Constant Comedic Relief.

While this established when you get married, it gets even better once you add a kid into the mix. Whether the hubby is teaching Darren to say ‘soggy man’ or having Darren answer “Me” when the pastor asks “who doesn’t like being king on the mountain” during church; life is full of laughter.

And that is key. There are situations that I laugh at now because I don’t know what else to do.

Like finding Darren standing on the table examining our collage of family pictures and naming off all the people he knows.

Or finding Darren nonchalantly chomping away at a pancake he stole of the counter, even though we had just finished breakfast. I guess you can’t keep the kid from his pancakes!

I mean I could get mad, but honestly these moments are just too funny.

Reason #5 I Now Have a Reason to Write

Before having Darren I was a dormant writer. I would always have story ideas jotted down in notebooks, but I never acted on them.

But after he was born I decided to start a mommyblog and for some reason, writing was easier. Maybe it was because the pressure was off. I didn’t have to a stellar idea that I would have to conceptualize into a two hundred page book.

But somehow I have managed to write 58 posts for this blog alone….I have two other blogs. I am pretty much addicted.

And those are my 5 Nonconventional Reasons for Having a Baby.

What are yours? Leave your comments below!


One comment on “5 Unconventional Reasons I am Glad I Had a Baby

  1. Sarah Mahani
    March 14, 2012

    Mine will be “I have someone to boss around?” HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Sarah Mahani

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