True Stories of Motherhood and Wifedoom

The truth and comedy of being a wife and mother

Late Night Spooning and Great Thinking

Late night spooning provides the best thinking. Judge me, but let me explain.

Late night spooning for thinking purposes produces the best results when done with my husband and when I am the Little Spoon; which I always am. When I am desperate and NEED to think, but the hubby is sleeping on his tummy or side, I do cave and become the Big Spoon. But this can yield varied results.

But last night I was the Little Spoon. The hubby was in prime cuddling form and Baby Nash 2.0 was feeling extra squished next to my intestines and bladder and decided long stretches were better than little shifts and kicks. Which allowed me to be fully awake, thus, making my thinking process fresh and clear.

And I must say I am a complete genius at 12:30 in the morning.

I really have to pat myself on the back.

I reasoned my way through work issues, came up with a brilliant idea for using dry erase markers on a beach ball for one of my workshops, brainstormed great ideal for another workshop that resulted in (the next day of course) a coworker and I expanding on this said idea and created and even better workshop idea.

I also reason my way through pregnancy issues. Such as, not be even close to ready for Baby Nash 2.0, who is due in about a month and a half. I reasoned that as long as 1) said baby is born healthy and 2) we purchased a new car seat within the nest 2-3 weeks we could cope just fine. (You can all remind me of this reasoning when I go into major nesting freak out mode).

I also rationalized that while I am extremely excited for our new addition, that it is ok that I haven’t bombarded Facebook with month-to-month photos of my growing belly (like I did with Darren) or rained daily status updates about every DETAIL of my pregnancy (like I hope I didn’t do with my first pregnancy, but pretty sure I did) on my loving friends and family who peruse the world of Facebook for cheap entertainment.

Finally, my mind insisted that the whole topic of spooning and how it enhances one’s thinking abilities was DEFINITELY a brilliant topic to reopen (because I have a horrible track record of writing daily…even monthly blog posts) my mommy blog on. It (my mind that is) insisted that I wasn’t truly crazy for marathon thinking, with two pit stops for bathroom breaks, for an hour and a half because I actually already had around three hours of sleep.

Then I blissfully drifted off.

My thinking caught up on, and the major problems of my world solved.

Only to wake up to a blankie being thrown up on the bed and a “Hi Mommy” whispered in my ear at 3:00 a.m.

I proceeded to try to convince my little man that it was still night-night time.

To which he proceeded to talk my ear off about…Well, anything and everything a two-year old could possibly think about at 3:00 in the morning.

Obviously being the Little Spoon helped him get a lot of thinking accomplished too.

Results: An hour and half later little man is sound asleep in his bed and mommy indulges in a warm caffeinated drink on the drive to work.

She is also no longer patting herself on the back.

True Story…:)


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