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Simply Christmas

IMG_6699I know I haven’t blogged in a while (I have a notebook of blog stories to type eeek!), but this is post is one that wraps up a year that has been emotional, heartbreaking and best of all blessed.

As Christmas approaches I am reminded of Christmas 2011. That is always the case, you think back to the crazy rust that exists between the third Thursday in November and the 25 of December. There’s crazy family gatherings, an insane amount of horrible cheesey commercials, lots of delicious food, anxiety over what gifts to get and give. While that all existed for me, my memories of Christmas 2011 will always be a bit bittersweet. We found out we were expecting our second child around the last week of November only to have a miscarriage on Christmas Eve.

That was a doosey for us. We made it through the holiday season, by God’s grace.

A month short of a year later, all I can says is: What a year!

This weekend we had a great time picking out a Christmas tree. It was a big family event. It has become one of those “memories.” Because my family is loving, opinionated, blended and of course pranksters; which makes any get together a whole lot of laughter and fun. For two and a half hours, we goaded each other, let the kids and dogs run free, agonized about which trees to cut, took hundreds of pictures (well that was mostly me!), and of course the pigskin was thrown around. The only thing that was missing was it ending in a good snowball fight. But southern MN is sans snow…yes, I am crying a bit inside.

This morning Bubba was still on his Christmas tree high. He walked around the house with the spool of Christmas lights, asking me every five minutes if I would open them from him. He has been so excited about having a tree and decorating it. Needing a little bit of peace, I promised him that Daddy and I would put the lights on while he was at daycare. Being another crazy day that is ordinary for our life, we didn’t get home until late, but the lights were on the tree…and I couldn’t deny him. He was just too excited once he saw the strands of lights decking the tree. So while Little Guy (our six week old!) screamed in his car seat I detangled and found the plug for the lights. Ten minutes later I was met will giggles from Bubba and complete silence from Little Guy.

This picture captures my meaning of Christmas. The wonder and joy found in seeing sparkling lights, the simplicity of what makes a child happy isn’t the latest toy or gadget, but Christmas lights, and more than anything: That every moment God gives your life is a blessing. Every memory good or bad is molded by Him. Make the most of it.

Its that simple.

Have a Blessed Christmas!


One comment on “Simply Christmas

  1. localsugarhawaii
    December 29, 2012

    Beautiful post. It’s not always easy getting to that Christmas morn, but I sure do enjoy that sweet joy that seems to fill the air and makes hope seem new again once we get there.

    I made it my silly little goal to stop by to follow and say “hey” to every mom on the Bloggy Mom December link up. It’s a bit insane but I’m glad to have discovered many a sweet blog. We are such an amazing resource, we moms.

    If you’d like we’re gathering for An Aloha Affair , a sweet sharing of joy and a meaningful sort of growing together. Come grow with us.

    Happy New Year to You and Yours.

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