True Stories of Motherhood and Wifedoom

The truth and comedy of being a wife and mother

Another Story for the Mom Arsenal


Nothing says summertime like filling up the pool. I roused Bubba from his nap-induced stupor and collected Stink from his crib and his not-so-successful afternoon nap. If anything, I was looking for anything to keep them outside. Easy when it comes to Stink, I all I said was ‘outside’ and ‘water’ and he was waiting for me at the front door.

Not so easy with Bubba. Since turning four he’s turned waking up into an art form that teenagers should study. Fifteen minutes after shaking  him awake  he listlessly looked my direction (I think) when I urged him to put on his sandals.

“Com’ on, Bubs, the pool is almost ready!”

At that he perked-up. In annoyingly youthful fashion, he popped up off the couch and scampered out the door. Sans the sandals. I heaved a sigh of relief and retreated to the bathroom to retrieve the last bucket of water. At least I didn’t have to resort to threats.

Lugging the bucket to the front door, I made it down the front steps only to be met with an eye full of naked four-year little boy parts.

Yep. Butt…Naked.

The person who drove by in the silver impala got an eye-full.

I was too busy laughing for him to take my pleas to put his shorts back on seriously. (If you’re questioning why he didn’t have underwear on, I am too)

“But why Mommy? I am getting into the pool.”

“Yes. I know”  I said giggling, “But you HAVE to have shorts on!”


That sent me into more fits of giggles. Because not even two weeks ago my dad had told us a story of how he was on the way to one of his hunting grounds and saw a kid bare butt-and-all playing the the yard of a house he passed. No even a week ago I was laughing till my sides hurt from reading “Ten Boy-Mom Musts”, #9 was making itself well-known yet again.

If we didn’t live right on a decently busy country road, I wouldn’t have minded. If he would have just jumped in the pool and sat down, I wouldn’t have minded. But the whole time he was negotiating being naked he stood there; hands held out in the “Why can’t I?” gesture, shifting from foot-to-foot, logically pointing out that he didn’t want to get his shorts wet.

It’s OK if you are laughing so hard your sides hurt. I can’t stop giggling as I type this. Point of this all is that the pool was a great way to round out the day, even if Bubba had to put his shorts back on.

Oh, and this is DEFINITELY one of those embarrassing stories that goes into my mom arsenal. 🙂

Stay happy and live true.





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